Thursday, 6 February 2014

Zoya Valerie Review and Swatches

Valerie is from Zoya's Flame Collection of Winter 2010, also known as the Fire and Ice Collection. Zoya is an American brand of professional nail lacquers that are free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP and camphor.

Zoya Valerie

Colour and finish: Valerie has a blackened plum base with violet and duochrome gold glittery-shimmer particles. This is a universally flattering shade. It's unique and chic, perfect for someone who wants to try a quirky colour but not something too weird.

I think that this would look amazing topped with a flakie polish, but unfortunately, I don't own any.

Pigmentation: Zoya Valerie is extremely pigmented and requires just a single coat for apoacity. But a second coat builds up the intensity and complexity of the polish. In the swatches, I've used two coats of Valerie along with topcoat.

Application: Valerie has a perfect formula. It's a polish that feels like it's applying itself. It flows so smoothly onto the nails.

The Zoya brush is short compared to other brands and probably my favourite brush ever. I find it very easy to control. It's great for small and medium nails. But people with wide and long nails may find it difficult to work with.

Zoya Valerie

Zoya Valerie swatches

Availability: I bought Valerie off an Indian online store called Blab, but they've stopped selling Zoya now. There's always eBay though.

Rating: 5/5

Apart from the availability issues, I can't find any fault with Zoya Valerie. Do get your hands on it if you can.


  1. very nice nail polish, I love the Zoya brand

  2. What cute nails do you have, and this nail polish looks amazing :)

    1. Yeah, Zoya did a fantastic job on this one!